Friday, May 9, 2014

Settings Options in Blogger

 Developed by Brett Bradley

The Settings option in Blogger can be found at the very bottom of the selection menu. It’s the one with the “wrench” icon at the very bottom.

There are six options that appear after you click on Settings, but we’re going to focus on the first four:
·         Basic
·         Posts and comments
·         Mobile and email
·         Language and formatting

Basic allows you to make changes regarding the title, description, privacy, and the number of authors and readers of the blog.  You can also change your Blog address here by creating a different URL that can be associated with the blog.  

Posts and comments lets you make changes to how many blog posts you want to be shown at one time on the main page. You can also make decisions on who can make comments concerning those blog posts, for example, everybody or just people with Google Accounts. You can also choose, here, whether you want the chance to see comments before they’re allowed on the blog.

Mobile and email subtopic lets you add an SMS or mobile device to your blogger account in order to have the ability to make blog posts from your mobile device.  

Language and format allows you to change the language settings for the blog as well how you want the time and date stamp to be shown.  

The last two subtopics (Search preferences and Other) are not applicable in regards to using Blogger for the Five-Star Technology Solutions Online Courses, so you won’t have to worry about them for our purposes.


  1. Good to know that I can add to a blog using a mobile device!

  2. As well as changing to a pseudonym!

  3. As well as changing to a pseudonym!

  4. Replies
    1. You're welcome! (I have to have screenshots or I just don't "get" it! haha)

  5. Thanks for the help! Anything I can do to make learning to blog more personalized for my students the better! And knowing that I can make the communication on my blog private so that only my students and myself can access this blog is of GREAT importance to me. My students' privacy was one of the main reasons I didn't want to integrate blogging into my daily routine. I was extremely concerned about that. Thanks!

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